The Altar Guild of St. Anne

Altar guild is a ministry of service that has its roots in the historical Hebrew tradition of the Levites. We are a part of those people who have been set aside for service. When we offer ourselves to serve at the altar, we are offering ourselves to God as a living prayer.

The purpose of the Altar Guild is to serve God in His house by preparing the altar for all services and for all occasions (weddings, funerals, and baptisms) including polishing and maintaining the brass and silver, cleansing and ironing the linens and vestments, setting out the wine and the bread, preparing the candles and purchasing/arranging flowers and special decorations. Members of the Altar Guild perform a silent or hidden ministry to our Parish so that we may worship and glorify Christ.

Membership in the Altar Guild is open to anyone in the church who is willing to be trained in the proper procedure and wishes to serve the Lord in this quiet, but meaningful way. The work of the altar guild is rewarding and interesting. If you would like to join us and participate in this very special ministry, please contact Janet Low.

A Prayer for Altar Guild Members

Almighty God,
Grant we beseech you,
That we may handle these Holy things with reverence,
And perform our work with such
Faithfulness and devotion
That it may rise with acceptance
Before you and obtain your blessing;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen