The Columbarium and Labyrinth at St. Anne's

Our Labyrinth

Come walk the labyrinth at St. Anne’s. Rediscover this ancient tool of contemplative prayer. Come experience an inner journey towards peace and healing.

The labyrinth is a form of walking meditation that has been used by Christians as a spiritual tool for nearly 1000 years. As the stresses of modern life have rapidly increased, the labyrinth has reemerged as a means to help quiet the mind, relax the body and refresh the spirit.

St. Anne’s labyrinth design is named St. Paul. It has seven circuits. It is not a maze: it has one meandering but purposeful path, leading you on a circuitous path to the center and out again. The walls surrounding the labyrinth are decorated with a mural designed by Kami Tremblay of Kami Tremblay Designs. The mural is loosely based on the historical garden room mural from the Villa of Livia which is preserved in Rome, Italy. It is meant to aide in the walking of the labyrinth by creating a soothing garden like atmosphere, as well as provide a soothing place to remember loved ones interred in the columbarium.

Our hope is to deepen the spiritual lives of our parishioners and share the healing and transforming power of the labyrinth with the wider community.

St. Anne’s offers the labyrinth for your prayer, work and enjoyment. It is located on the lower level, accessed through the building. Call to verify that someone will be on hand to unlock the space. We hope it will bring insight, peace, and renewal to all who walk it.

The Columbarium

From the earliest times, people have been concerned about their final earthly resting place, especially that it be near the gathering place of their families so that each may be held in lasting, loving remembrance. In early Christian times, preferred burial space was within the church building itself where the faithful gathered for worship. When space withing the church building was no longer available, the churchyard cemetery developed. Both in ancient and in early Christian times the dual tradition of burial and of cremation was preserved. More recently, consideration of the spiritual and the practical aspects (often being of lower costs than other methods) of cremation and inurnment within the church building itself have led to a revival of this aspect of our tradition. 

Selecting and establishing a permanent memorial for a family member or loved one not only satisfies an immediate need; it also fulfills the need to preserve our heritage. Memorials are stepping stones to the past and to the future. They help us to remember, and to be remembered.

The Columbarium at St. Anne's, located within the beautiful and prayer space of our Labyrinth, is a group of individual niches which contain the cremated remains of the departed. The quiet design of this columbarium invites solitary contemplation as well as the gathering of families and friends for prayer and remembrance. Owned by St. Anne's, the columbarium will be maintained in perpetuity. 

If you would like more information on internment possibilities, please contact us