Living Out Our Mission Pledge; Giving Campaign 2018

Please take the time to read the following before filling our your estimate of giving.

I am sure you will recognize these words – you might even know them by heart!

"Let us go forward in Christ’s name as a community of faith; to grow in faith through worship, witness and love for one another and our neighbors."

Being “a community of faith” enables us to do things together that would be hard or impossible to do by ourselves. 

Think of all the ways we carry out this mission, and which one of them you have been a part of!

Worship on Sunday, at Christmas or during Advent; in the sanctuary garden during the Watch in Holy Week; at Easter with the music of bells, organ and choir; celebrating a wedding, baptism, or funeral.

As a witness of Christ’s love for our neighbors – at Work Camp; Vacation Bible School; Hunger Walk, sharing a prayer or conversation with a survivor, or mourning the loss of a victim to cancer at a Relay for Life event; buying or delivering food and necessities for Damascus Help, an organization your St Anne’s community founded; supporting the Diocese of Washington, who has been there for us, is there for our sister parishes in this area, and participates in the ministry of Christ through other Episcopal parishes around the country and the globe.

Witnessing Christ’s love for ourselves – at a healing service, making and sharing a prayer shawl, sharing a meal or Eucharist with a member of our parish family who cannot make it to church

These are just some of the ways in which we live out our mission pledge.  All of it has been made possible through the generosity of over 50 years of giving – personally and financially. 

Being willing to commit funds to support St. Anne’s is an act of faith in itself. Our scripture tells us that God provides all we need and promises that we will be blessed when we give back to God from what God has given us.   Of course, there are things that we must take care of – mortgages, clothing, college expenses, home repairs, health care, etc.  But the great thing is that when we forego or postpone some of those things that we don’t really need and give back to God instead, we will be blessed in ways that the thing we gave up won’t provide.

 I hope that something you have read here, or will hear from God in prayer, will inspire you.

Tim Pacey - Stewardship Ministry Chair

Need help figuring out what to estimate? Try this Tithe Calculator.

Having prayed about this annual pledge to fund the mission of St. Anne’s Church in 2018 and in the context of gratitude for all that God has given to me/our family, please be advised of our promise to contribute (fill in below) during the next fiscal year (January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018). See below for how you would like to pay for this pledge.

(I/we realize that in the event of a change in my/our financial position in 2018, we can confidentially adjust our pledge by calling the clergy)

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Your Giving Estimate As A Percent Of Income

Why look at your pledge as a percent of your income? As Christian stewards of God's gifts to our lives, we believe that what we have belongs to God and must be used to accomplish God's purpose. Several General Conventions of the Episcopal Church, as well as the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, have affirmed 10% of income as the biblical standard giving. While we do not want to be legalistic about such percentages, it can be a helpful discipline to budget our expenditures so that we can intentionally reserve a percentage for God's work. It may also be helpful in re-estimating your giving if your circumstances change. If you have questions about percentage giving, feel free to speak to the rector or a member of the vestry with whom you feel comfortable.