St. Anne's Now on Tumblr!

In the Parish Communications Survey many people asked about having access to photos of events or other gatherings and happenings of our faith community. The difficulty here is two-fold - our “official” photographer is a volunteer and is not able to make all events and is unable to always get us pictures immediately following an event. We also don’t have the staff to continually update our website with new photos. HOWEVER, we are working on a solution that will EMPOWER each of you to share the memories of our life in community. We also hope that it will become a way for us to interact more closely with each other outside of our events and worship.

We have set up a Tumblr Blog which can be accessed from our Website (just click the [ t ] in the grey box in the  navigation menu) or by going directly the Tumblr Blog ( Using Tumblr is easy - but you will have to sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. Once on our Tumblr Blog, to the right of our name you will see an icon that looks like a pencil, click it and you can then submit a post. This will enable everyone (who wants) to share and upload photos from our community, share stories of events, say what St. Anne’s means to them, ask for prayers, share encouragement and more! Plus, it will be integral to The Wiseman’s Challenge (find out more about that at Christmas)!