Advent Day of Service

From the earliest evidence we have that describes what the celebration of the Eucharist looked like in the early Church through every century in the Church’s history to the present, the underlying dynamic has always been the same: Christians gather to celebrate the Eucharist and are then sent forth to live what they have celebrated. Our participation in the Eucharist is not meant to just be one of nourishment for ourselves, but is intended to empower us to go out into the world as the Body of Christ - the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ to a world that is in desperate need, acting as Christ to others.

On Sunday, December 14th the Third Sunday of Advent, traditionally the Sunday of Joy, we will practice “Living The Eucharist” in our worship as we make bagged lunches for the Men’s Shelter in Rockville, bringing a little bit of joy to those without. It is our hope that as we “Live the Eucharist” together in community, that it will serve as a reminder of just what this season is about - the Coming of Christ into the world, and how we as people of faith can continue to bring Christ into the lives of others. After the service we will come together for a simple meal of homemade soup and bread. See you on the 14th as we Live the Eucharist!