There's No Place Like Home

What I have found here at St. Anne's


Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said the famous line, “There’s no place like home.”  Sometimes like her, we need to step away from “home” to realize how important it can be in your life.  Home is a place where people accept you as you are, celebrate your joys and cry with you in your sorrows.  It is a place where you can explore new roles yet gently challenges you to dig deeper in a safe environment.

St. Anne’s is this kind of home for me.  It has been there quietly supporting my family and I through the last 30 years in good times and bad, and while even working in another Episcopal Church.  It was at this other church that I realized I always called St. Anne’s, MY  home church.  St. Anne’s allowed my children to grow up with friends and adults who still ask about them even now.  Unlike sports teams, where once you leave the team you leave your friendships behind,  St. Anne’s is always there calling  us  back – challenging us to grow deeper in our faith, allowing us to try new  roles and showing the love of Christ to all who are willing to come and give us a try. When asked what word I would use to describe  what  St. Anne’s  is to me, I used the word, life blood, because it is through worshipping our God, in this faith filled community  that gives me the strength to dig a little deeper, try a little harder, and live my life the way Christ wants us to strive for.   

I am reminded of a simple children’s song -  and am proud that my Church is St. Anne’s

I am the church! You are the church!  We are the church together!

All who follow Jesus, all around the world!

Yes, we're the church together!


The church is not a building;  the church is not a steeple;

the church is not a resting place;

the church is God’s people.



Bettianne Quinn