THIS IS AN OLD ANNOUNCEMENT - 2017 SERVICES are at 5pm and 10pm...

Christmas Worship

Dec. 24, 2015 Family "Candlelight Nativity" Service 5pm, Festival Feast of The Nativity 10:30pm

Two wonderful and beautiful opportunities to Worship and Celebrate the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Family Service will take place at 5pm. This year we will tell the story of the Nativity through music and short bible passages as we create a Candle Nativity. Children will carry the candles and place them in the Nativity Scene as the story unfolds, they can even dress the part's if they want! After the Candlelight Nativity, we will share in the Eucharist and close the service with the passing of Light sung to Silent Night.

Later in the evening, at 10:30 we will begin with a musical interlude by the St. Anne's Choir and Jubilate Ringers, St. Anne's Brass, and more, that will lead us to our Festival Mass of the Nativity. This is a traditional worship service with all the bells and whistles!