Support Clean Water - This years Lenten Offering!

This year our Lenten offering will go to the clean water programs of Episcopal relief and development. Be sure to watch ERD's video by clicking on the video image on the right!

Water is essential for life and due to a lack of safe water young girls often can not go to school because their days are spent seeking clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Every 15 seconds a child dies from a water related disease.

EDR is committed is committed to ensuring that safe and clean water is accessible even in the most rural communities. This is accomplished through building wells, installing water stations,training community members to use and operate systems, providing education on personal hygiene as well as efforts to prevent further pollution of land and water.

It is our hope that you will make this a weekly discipline. It is so easy for us to turn on a faucet or crack open a bottle when we are thirsty, take a shower or bath, or cook a meal utilizing all the water we wish, and such a hardship for our less fortunate  brothers and sisters. Please remember them when you do these simple things and give generously each week.