Vestry Notes, Vestry Meeting, May 19, 2015

More of you to love: Church attendance at St. Anne's is up 5.37% over last year!

Relay for Life update: Thank you to all who helped us raise more than $5,000 and to those who manned the St. Anne's tent, walked in prayer, and attended the St. Anne's service on Saturday night.  Plans are already in the works for a bigger and better 2016 event!  Word has gotten out about our involvement in Clarksburg and Damascus has requested our attendance at their event next year.  This will depend on interest/energy/ staffing from St. Anne's members so we'll see...

Summer in the city: Fr. Lee plans on keeping both services (8am and 10am) throughout the Summer along with the music program.  

"You like me, you really like me":  Andy Irwin, storyteller that is.  His concert was a phenomenal success and the email list specifically for concerts continues to grow.  

On Solid Ground: A big thank you to Don Espeland for his selfless work heading up the grounds ministry!  Thank you to Geri Drymalski and Frank Ierardi for lending their vision and labor to this as Don steps down.

Debbie Downer Time: We continue to operate under a deficit and Steve Mullen has been very creative with managing bills.  Things we can all do: Keep current on your pledge, when buying on Amazon please use the link on the St. Anne's website, and remember there is a $40 suggested donation when signing up for the altar flowers.  THANKS

St. Anne's Scholarship: The issue of paying for Continuing Education has been in the national dialogue in recent years and student loan debt is at crisis status.  With that in mind, Christina More has proposed that a $1,000 annual scholarship be created to be awarded to a high school senior beginning in 2016.  The seed money is coming from the defunct SAY workcamp which was composed of money from various fundraisers from 2-3 years ago.  She has formed a committee that will be setting requirements for candidates to be considered.  Church membership, regular attendance at Sunday services and events, and involvement in church groups will be emphasized.  If you have questions or would like to contribute to the scholarship, please contact Christina 301-642-1610 and/or submit your donation with "St. Anne's Scholarship" in the memo line of your check.  Thank you.

Kids in the Hall: We had Hoped that The Children's Center was going to rent our parish hall over the summer, which would have earned us $7200 to our bottom line. However, when our Senior Warden sent the lease agreement for a signature, they had to pull out. It appears that the person who runs their summer program has a health condition that requires her to be in air conditioned space. Thanks to Mark for his hard work, and maybe this is another reason we need to look at renovating our hall.

We're in Good Hands: Frank Ierardi has been looking into a new insurance policy for the church that would save us money.  Fr. Lee has identified a commercial realtor (one of St. Anne's Golf Tournament sponsors, no less) who will be donating the cost of an appraisal for the building and property.

They Have Our Back: The Diocesan Standing Committee has approved moving forward on this potential Mission First Housing project.  Both this committee and the church committee are receiving legal counsel as far as liability.  The Diocese's priority is in protecting the church and itself.  It is Fr. Lee and the church committee's hope that a letter of intent sign off will be accomplished by the end of the Summer.

Pump Up the Jams: Thank you to Rachel K, church organist extraordinaire, for going above and beyond her pay grade: extra practices for choir, bell choir, and everything else (just ask a choir member.)  

Dirty Jobs: The refrigerator in the SAY/All purpose room has died along with its contents.  A BIG thank you goes to Jessica "I've cleaned up worse messes I the Army" Cole along with Karen Mullen and Mike Low for cleaning up the mess and moving the frig out of the building.

Long Live The King: Our own Brian LaRosa was elected Prom King at Damascus High School Prom!

Reminders: Yard Sale May 30th, Blessing of the Vines at Sugarloaf Winery June 7,  Graduation Sunday June 14, St. Anne's Golf Open July 13.