Vestry Notes, February 16, 2016

STanned, rested, and ready: The 2016 vestry is rejuvenated after their retreat at the beginning of the month.  We will be further exploring the transition to a permission-giving leadership body.  Stay tuned! 

Answer: "Coffee, black-out shades and a comfortable bed!"  Question: What will Bettianne Quinn, Mark Ludwig and other adult chaperones say when asked what they need the day after the Youth Lockin at St. Anne's.  Approximately 25 youth are expected to attend.  Thanks to Bettianne for organizing this!

So this is what a "Progressive Traditionalist" is!  This is how Fr. Lee described himself to the search committee way back when.  In keeping with this spirit, Fr. Lee has decided to shake up the traditional observance of Lent with a variety of worship services.  The first Sunday of Lent was marked by a traditional  Benedictine service with chanting by the celebrant and congregation.  A Praise Eucharist (similar to a folk mass), A Service based on the Iona Community, a Taize service and an Emergent service will all be offered throughout the Lenten season.  Strap on your seatbelts for an exhilirating ride through Holy Week with a simplified Seder dinner, alternative ways of receiving blessings that don't involve foot washing, and a deeply moving Good Friday service.  NOt to worry as the chapel will still be transformed into the Garden of Gethsemane for the Watch.  Fr. Lee is committed to offering a multitude of ways for people to express, explore, and enhance their spirituality.

Would Jesus lead, follow, or be a friend?   Every Wednesday from 7:30-8:45pm the congregation is invited to a book study of McLaren's "Why Did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha, and Mohammed Cross The Road?"  A supremely readable book, this is a salve for any Christian who struggles to stay true to their beliefs while being welcoming to those of other faiths who are equally committed to their's.  Don't forget to use the link on the church's website to order!

Read all about it!  St. Anne's will be advertising in the new Everything Damascus newspaper, a free publication available at businesses throughout Damascus, including St. Anne's.  Soon to be expanding to Clarksburg!  We will also have a presence on their website.

Putting the "fun" in fundraising!  Eat dinner while helping a good cause.  Join your St. Anne's faith community at Pazzo Pomodoro in Clarksburg (near Harris Teeter) on Tuesday, February 23 from 4:30-9pm.  10 % of all sales will go to  St. Anne's Relay For Life  efforts.  On Friday, April 29th St. Anne's will be the setting for a painting party involving canvases not walls.  Join us as an artist will lead us in completing a work of art with proceeds going the Relay For Life effort.  A wine tasting fundraiser is in the works at The Winery in Olney.  Stay tuned for further information!

Calling all you restless angels:  The vestry is exploring the resurrection of a staffed St. Anne's nursery to benefit our youngest Christians (and their parents.)  We will be thoughtfully considering various options.  If you have an idea, let one of us know!  The vestry: Mark Ludwig, Kristie Taylor, Christina More, Andy Barlow, Bettianne Quinn, Janet Ceaser, Charlotte King, Cindy Lippert, and Tim Pacey.