St. Anne's Announces Creation of Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Coalition

Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors

There are more than 20 million refugees in the world at this time – the worst refugee crisis since World War II.  Members of St. Anne’s began wondering what they could do to help and contacted the Episcopal Migration Ministries.   After being referred to local refugee resettlement agencies (Lutheran Social Services, International Rescue Committee, and Ethiopian Community Development Council) we held a Refugee Sunday on December 6th, 2015 to learn more about the situation.

The small group that started as RAP (Refugee Assistance Program) at St. Anne’s last year has grown to a group of over 20 faith organizations of Muslims, Christians and Jews, as well as non-denominational individuals, known as the Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors (MCIRRN).  A steering committee had its first meeting May 5th, 2016, and other committees and volunteers have been organized in the following categories:  Employment;   Housing;   Education;   Health;   Orientation/Mentoring;  Social/Transport;  Advertisement/Communication;  Supplies/Food;  Financial;  Translation. 

Volunteers are needed in all categories to assist refugees who will be arriving later this year.  Please contact Janet Ceasar at or Shahnaz Baten at to volunteer or for more information.  We are working with the Lutheran Social Services (LSS), Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and, soon, with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which are theagencies licensed by the US State Department to bring refugees into this area.

The organization’s mission statement and description are below.

Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors

Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors (MCIRRN) organization is dedicated to assisting refugee agencies in settling refugees in Montgomery County in safe, stable and affordable housing.  It works by supporting families and individuals in becoming productive self-sufficient members of our community, advocating for needed services and networking to locate resources for long term as well as immediate needs.


MCIRRN is a dedicated interfaith volunteer group of more than 20 organizations of Muslims, Christians and Jews and non-denominational individuals who are committed to welcoming refugees to Montgomery County by assisting local resettlement agencies.  We are committed to assisting refugee families and individuals restart their lives and serving them in their housing, education, employment and social needs as they move towards self-sufficiency and independence.  MCIRRN’s volunteers serve as an extended community for refugee families in their transition to life here as they reestablish themselves.



For more information please email Janet Ceasar or Shahnaz Baten