Change your Child's Life! (and your's too!)

It's Free! It takes only a couple hours a week! It's not a dream! AND it can change your child's  life (grandchild, nephew, niece....AND YOUR'S TOO!)

What if you knew there was a well researched and statistically proven program that on average can,

  • increase the average life expectancy of your children by 8 years
  • significantly reduce your child's use and risk from Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
  • dramatically lower their risk of suicide
  • help them rebound from depression 70% faster
  • dramatically reduce their risk for committing a crime
  • improve their attitude at school and increase their school participation
  • reduce their risk for rebelliousness
  • reduce the likelihood that they would binge drink in college
  • improve their odds for a "very happy" life
  • provide them with a life-long moral compass
  • provide children with a caring extended family
  • get them to wear their seatbelts more often

Really? Is there such a thing?

YES there is! And it's supported by research from Duke University, Indiana University, The University of Michigan, The Center for Disease Control, Barna Research Group, Gallup, Pew, and the National Institute for Healthcare Research, and several national surveys.

Are you interested in such a thing?

Take a look at the above list again. 
It's not a dream. 

The program is called "active church participation."

In study, after study, after study, children who actively engage in a faith community on a regular basis are rewarded with SIGNIFICANTLY reduced likelihood of life problems and risky behaviors, and stand to significantly improved their odds of a happier, healthier, and longer life. These studies show the same results for adults as well.

St. Anne's offers so much for our youth (and adults too!) from Godly Play, Nursery Care, S.A.Y. - a new children's choir (remember those great short songs during Advent?!) 

Take advantage of the programs we offer and some of these benefits of active church participation for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS (choosing the right church does make all the difference and we believe that we offer what it takes to make a difference - so we'd love to see them at St. Anne's!)

  • Promotes healthier society
  • teaches service to others
  • teaches acceptance and love of diversity
  • teaches love of all creation
  • teaches children to be better behaved
  • provides social support 
  • boosts immune system and lowers blood pressure (GREAT FOR ADULTS!)

PRAY for our Growth