Godly Play - Say what??? Skeptic learns the benefits of Godly Play!

I must admit a few things.  First, I don’t have kids. I’ve worked with kids forever, but don’t have any of my own.

When I joined St. Anne’s, I wasn’t too interested in what activities were available for children. Having been a children’s choir director at another church, and currently working as a choir director at a Christian private school, I briefly wondered why there wasn’t a choir. But hey- not my problem.

Godly Play.   To me, as a newbie to St. Anne’s , it just sounded stuffy.  As in let’s play but not have fun. After all, it’s Godly play. (whatever that is and frankly, I didn’t care.)

But God has a funny way of calling us.  The idea of a children’s choir nagged at me. The Godly nag that wakes you and pops into your mind at weird times; the voice you try to ignore. But can’t.

So, I made my journey to the “Godly Play” room.  Not excited, but felt obligated.  

What I discovered was eye-opening.   Godly Play is really (to me) a misnomer for a young people’s church service. I have learned an enormous amount about the church year, witnessed God’s bible stories in action and crossed a desert. I’ve met Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist and countless others in real-life as a result of Godly Play stories.

Paralleling what you all do in “big church”, we do in Godly Play. We have scripture, we understand what part of the church year we are in, and we have a “feast” or communal celebration, as a prelude to learning about the Holy Eucharist.  It is amazing!

So I am adding another church component to Godly Play, with the addition of a Children’s Choir. As we do in “big church” we are now doing in Godly Play.

I invite you ALL to check out Godly Play as helpers, observers or participants. I invite you to find youngsters who will learn all about church in a fun and joyful way and bring them to us on Sunday mornings.  

I invite you all to ask questions and join us!

 Lynn Fleming

Children’s Choir Director