Social Activism

January 21, 2017 was the first anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington.  Women and men all across the United States marched again on Saturday and Sunday in solidarity with each other for the maintenance of women’s health care and their rights as human beings on the earth.  Women and men with other ideas of how health and rights should be managed marched on Friday, January 19, 2017.

Women from Saint Anne’s Church made contributions to the day by marching, writing prayers, saying prayers, writing for the newsletter, selecting and arranging music and playing music during the service. Some attended commemorative events at other churches and synagogues in the area.

At the Annual Meeting a short impromptu talk about race relations in America started an actual conversation on race. Ideas about race, colorblindness and “white privilege” helped us to see the need for understanding the language of the ‘race relations movement’ here at Saint Anne’s.  Hopefully the talk sparked interest in St. Anne’s becoming involved in 21st century Episcopal communion-wide efforts to learn about and practice anti-racism.

The day was full of energy and excitement.  Perhaps the most stirring was Pam Brewer’s spontaneous offering during the Prayers of the People.  She prayed a prayer written by several women of St. Anne's which you can read above!

Many in the congregation felt deeply touched by the reading of the prayer and the words spoke to them opening their hearts to new possibilities.  

The year 2018 is full of promise.  There are many ways to be involved in Social Justice.  Not all acts have to be big or reported in the newsletter. There is certainly room for everyone to find a way to make a difference.

Robin Warfield