Striving For Justice and Peace

The Celebrant: Will you strive for Justice and Peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?

The People: We will, with God's help.

The Return of the Day

We had the pleasure of being in church together on January 21, 2018 which was the one year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington.  On that mild winter day in 2017, women and men from all over the United States came to Washington DC to join each other and to let each other know that whatever happened in the upcoming year, no woman would have to feel alone.

These women and men, some in pink hats, holding placards, walked and sang and chanted. They gathered from dawn to dark filling the streets and green spaces of the National Mall.

When many of the marchers returned home for the evening they were astounded to find that women and men on all seven continents on this Earth had marched and that the tally for the total number of marchers exceeded 3 million.   Seven Continents:Three Million Marchers.

We might not know three million people, personally, but we could recall the day for our friends and families.  We could use a ‘tiny nudge’ to bring that day back to their minds by sending a prayer, a verse, a picture, or just a sentence or two. In short, we could join together again -virtually- simply by acknowledging the Return of The Day.

This World Wide March was an event to be remembered just like a world war.  It could be remembered as World Wide Peace I.

I hope to hear from you on the many points of social activism and justice during the year 2018.  I hope you find this column today and those throughout this coming year respectful of you and your beliefs.

Will we strive for Justice and Peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human Being?  

 The People Answer ?


Robin Warfield