Outreach Volunteers Needed for New Neighbors

Our IFND Mission Group at Dayspring has taken on a new commitment, the support/case management of an asylee from the Congo. A 31 year old torture survivor who was  granted status as an asylum seeker, Ray is fluent in both English and French and has skills in IT. Our Mission Group was able to find housing for him in Montgomery Village, and to furnish his room. Because he was granted a work permit, he is working for a catering company in DC. He and we are hopeful that a better job in his field and closer to home may soon be found. The major need right now is providing him weekly transportation for grocery shopping and other possible errands. His work schedule is such that this could be done any weekday after 3:00 or on Sundays. 

We are covered through October, but beginning in November, I would like to have one person per week Ito fill this need. I will send his contact information to any who are willing to participate in this new venture, and will also let him know of the arrangements. I am also interested in receiving the names and contact information about others whom you know who may be willing to participate. Thank you so much!

I have listed below the weeks in November and December. Please reply to all if/when you can participate.

Weeks of:

  • November 4- 10

  • November 11-17

  • November 18-24

  • November 25 - December 1

  • December 2 -8

  • December 9 - 15

  • December 16 - 22

  • December 23 - 29

Hoping a few of you amongst this group may be willing, I am A grateful part of this inspiring mission,

Karen Johnson (karenebj@aol.com)
Please contact me directly to sign up!