S.A.Y (Saint Anne's Youth) News

1. THIS Sunday October 28 we will be having a Workcamp interest meeting right after church. All youth and adults who are interested in attending Workcamp next year should be in attendance as we need a good estimate in order to register. Next year's Workcamp will be a Week of Hope: Community Service in Pittsburgh, PA June 23 - June 28.

2. Following the Workcamp interest meeting, we will be heading to Butler's Orchard for some fun festivities (it's the last day of their Fall Festival)!! You don't have to be interested in Workcamp to come pick pumpkins with us! :) Estimated time frame would be 12pm-2pm. Please let us know if you can make it so we aren't lonesome picking pumpkins. EMAIL ME HERE!

3. We (SAY) will be adopting one the families for the Thanksgiving dinner donations during the month of November. So we will each take part in contributing items to the family's Thanksgiving meal.

4. SAY Christmas party Friday December 7 (tentatively - depending on availability). Join us for cookie baking, gift exchange, games, and Christmas movies! More details to come... so also let us know if this would be a good date for you.

5. Last thing! We are hoping to find a couple weekends to do some community service projects before the end of the year. We'll let you know what we come up with, but are more than open to your ideas!!

Thanks for staying tuned if you made it this far. :)
Have a wonderful week!

Bailey & Bailey