Women's March 2019

Activism...for Social Justice...Save the Date!


This column on Activism for Social Justice began in January 2017 after the Women’s March on Washington which turned out to be World Wide. There were about 3 million women and men on 7 continents marching for Women’s Health and Wealth and Safety that day.

This event, which I have begun to call World Wide Peace I, will happen again in 2019.  On January 19, 2019 -a Saturday- women and men will gather again in Washington DC to stand together to show strength in the belief that women have made necessary advances in health care, in the workplace, and in the need for an end to the violence against women. 

While there will also be Sister Marches in other cities, which gives the opportunity for more women and men to march, the March in DC is so close for us here at St. Anne’s that we can easily participate.

At this time, I am inviting you to Save the Date of 1.19.19 to march with the women of Saint Anne’s.  Men of goodwill at St. Anne’s are welcome to join us and march in support of women marchers and women’s issues.


The March itself begins at 10:00 am, however, one strategy which works quite well is to go later in the day by train or car and join the March for a few hours.  When the sun is setting or when your legs give out! return home by the train or car and call it a day.  That way you can be there for the support and the history and be able to take care of yourself at the same time.

If crowds make you nervous, think in terms of going to the March and walking or standing around the periphery.   Usually, one cannot hear the speakers, even thought they are amplified.  So taking a tablet  or cell phone and standing outside the crowd will give you the best chance of feeling secure and hearing what is said.

Think in terms of asking a friend or friends to join you.  Perhaps we can make a group of St. Anne’s parishioners and go together.  

All Things are Possible!

The Social Justice Committee