Adam Hamilton at the National Cathedral, March 12, 2018

On Monday evening, March 12, Adam Hamilton, one of the most inspiring and influential Christian leaders of our country, will speak at Washington National Cathedral. Hamilton is Senior Pastor of United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, a church which he founded 20 years ago and is now the largest Methodist church in the country. It is a church that bridges the divides of our nation and witnesses to the transforming power of Jesus. One of its stated mission goals is the renewal of mainline Christianity.

The Cathedral event is Hamilton’s first stop on a national tour to discuss the themes of his most recent book, Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times

Listen to Adam Hamilton’s personal invitation to join him on March 12. He was inspired to write the book, he says, in response to the pervasiveness of fear in American culture. In it, he explores the top fears we face as a people, offering insights to address them from many fields, and most especially from the resources of our Christian faith.

You may reserve your seat and copy of Unafraid  here. The cost is $30.

The Bishop has set aside funds from the bishop’s discretionary account to pay for the ticket and book for up to 3 people from any interested congregation, diocesan campus or school. The Diocese of Washington is co-sponsoring the event with the Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Conference.