We stand Against Hate

On the evening of Saturday, September 1st, our faith community received a threatening call from an anonymous person - their message was one filled with hate, using the Bible to claim that God demands racial segregation and calling out St. Anne’s because we proclaim the love of God which encompasses ALL people and the dignity of every human being;striving, as a community, to seek justice for all people.

There is no place in our local community for this type of bigotry and hatred. We will not be intimidated, and will continue to be a prophetic voice, living out our mission to help create a world where Love is the way- not hatred- not bigotry.

We felt it important that we share this information not only with the police but with the community. We are humbled and honored by the messages of support from people throughout Northern Montgomery County. One of the other local Damascus churches shared that members of their church, living within a couple miles of the church had found Klan recruitment fliers in the driveways of their neighborhood, just a few weeks ago. They also reported that incident to the local authorities. It is difficult to believe that there is an underbelly of such vile hatred attempting to stir up issues in our community, but standing together, with the grace of God, we can be a witness for Love.