Interested in the Spirituality of Aging? OR Would you like to guide those who are aging in their spirituality?

Father Lee+, along with the clergy in the Northern Montgomery County Region and +Bishop Chilton, our Assisting Bishop, are putting together an informational session on a program called Sightlines.

As we get closer to the groundbreaking on our Affordable Senior Housing, it is important that we begin to prepare for how we will interact with our future neighbors and begin to train those who are interested in this ministry to those who are aging.

Sightlines is a project on the spirituality of aging co-sponsored by Seabury Resources for Aging and our Diocese and is designed to provide a space and structure for exploring the challenges and the rewards of aging within a spiritual context.

The project has several goals, among them, building community among older adults, fostering spiritual wellbeing, and identifying opportunities for meaning and purpose.

Sessions combine reflection, directed discussion, video and audio presentations, poetry and more to guide participants on their spiritual journey of aging.

We anticipate the information session to be held this October. The session is for ANYONE who has an interest either as a participant in the program or as someone to be trained to offer the program. It is our hope at St. Anne's that some of you, may not only wish to be participants, but that some may choose to be trained to offer this to our future neighbors in our senior housing. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.