Did you know St. Anne's offers E-Learning for Christian Formation?

You may not be aware but St. Anne's offers an online learning portal so that you can partake in different types of studies from the comfort of your own home - on your schedule, and at your pace. The online learning allows you to watch videos, read information, answer questions and interact with anyone else who may want to take the same course. Even if no one else is currently taking a course, Fr. Lee, will be notified of your participation and will review your progress and answer questions along your learning journey. Courses are added regularly and there is no cost to you to participate!

Learn about the Episcopal Church in courses such as:

  • Introducing Episcopal Worship

  • The Episcopal Way

  • What Bishops Do

  • The Episcopal Tradition

  • and more...

Discover the Walk in Love Series:

  • The Sacramental Journey

  • Making TIme

  • Basic Beliefs

  • The Church

  • The Trinitarian Life

Discover new ways to pray:

  • Praying with Poetry

  • The Anglican Rosary

  • and more...

Learn about Racial Justice:

  • Spirituality and Racial Justice

  • Theology and Racial Justice

  • and more...

Help develop your family's spirituality:

  • Start a Family Devotional Time

  • Holy Habits for Children

  • and more...

All you need to do is set up your account for our online learning and you can start learning today! Please note that after two months of inactivity you will need to contact Fr. Lee to restore your access, this keeps us from paying for students not active in a class.

To set up your account just go to the following link which will also teach you how to take a course.

Register for St. Anne's On-Line Academy