Wizards and Wonders, Camp St. Anne's VBS, July 20-24 2015

Hogwarts at St. Anne's is now enrolling students for a magical experience at this summer's Vacation Bible School. At first glance, Harry Potter seems like an unlikely hero. All through the Bible we see God calling the most seemingly unqualified candidates to do the work of God in the world. Come see how like Harry - you have the POWER to change the world.

For more information - or to register - just click the train below!

WOSA (Women of St. Anne's) Retreat

This year's WOSA retreat is being held March 6-8 at Memorial House, Rehoboth, DE. Memorial House is an Episcopal Retreat Center in the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware.  This weekend is a special time for the Women of St. Anne's to renew themselves and grow closer in their relationships with each other and with God. One woman described a previous retreat as the time when her "church friends" became her "friends." It is a Spirit filled time,  but also a fun time away. The theme for this Weekend is a SPA retreat and is being led by Dan Lonteen. The cost for the retreat is $230 and scholarships are available for those who may not be able to afford the cost of the retreat. A sign-up sheet is the parish hall or you can email Judy Partlow to sign-up. For scholarship information please contact Fr. Lee.

Faith and Community, by Cathryn Conroy

My faith is grounded in community--so much so that I wonder how sustainable my faith would be in solitude.

No community...no faith? Interesting question.

Some of it is basic. I come to St. Anne's on Sunday, take communion and leave fulfilled.

Some of it is friendship. I come to St. Anne's on Sunday, embrace others, become a part of their lives and leave fulfilled.

Some of it is sharing. I come to St. Anne's on Sundays and find a place where I can share my life and receive others who trust in me enough to share their lives with me.

Some of it is inspiration. I come to St. Anne's on Sundays and am filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to go out into the world. Sometimes to make a real difference. But usually just to pray harder, believe more, love greater.

Some of it is divine. I pray the Daily Office in solitude in the morning and evening. I view it this way, as described by Robert Benson in the book "In Constant Prayer": "To pray the office is to anchor your life of prayer somewhere between the daily and the divine."

And it comes full circle back to community. As I pray the Daily Office in solitude in my home, I know that I am not alone. There is an entire community of people around the world, who are also praying the same Daily Office. We pray it together. In community. So when two or three are gathered together in his name you will be in the midst of them.

And then I go back to St. Anne's on Sunday. A full circle.


--Cathryn Conroy

Holy Land Pilgrimage, Oct. 19-Nov. 3, 2015

Perhaps you’ve heard the Holy Land referred to as the Fifth Gospel. It’s an entirely appropriate expression. When you’ve seen the lands of the Bible with your own eyes you can better appreciate the Scriptures. The land forms part of the context of the stories we find in the Bible. A “hands on” experience of the Holy Land will give you new insights into the message we encounter in the biblical stories. You will be able to read and understand the Bible in new and exciting ways.

Now you can experience the “Fifth Gospel” yourself. Complete information is available through this link.

I hope that you will take the time and review the itinerary and consider joining this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Pilgrimage will be limited to a maximum of 35 people, and will be offered first to members/families/friends of St. Anne’s before being offered to others.


Fr. Lee+