Holiday Bazaar! Nov. 7, 2015; 9:30am-5:30pm

Our Holiday Bazaar is set for Saturday, Nov. 7 9am-5:30pm!

There will be a number of vendors featuring crafts, jewelry, pottery, paintings, drawing, prints, ornaments and much. much more.

Featuring Grifts from 10,000 Villages!

Here are some of our exciting wares that will be available!

Ignite - 5k and Personal Training Program

Are you ready? Even if you have not signed up - as a member of St. Anne’s you are WELCOME to come!

  • Weekly group training run/walk on Saturday mornings in Clarksburg Village.

  • Super supportive, individualized coaching.

  • We bolster a "no one runs alone" philosophy by using pace groups.

  • Focusing on proper form, technique, and injury prevention.

  • A special, closed Facebook group just for program participants to aid in group communication and support.

  • Weekly email alerts that include training plans, a weekly area of focus, nutritional tips, and a special video message modeling strength moves that will be beneficial to improving overall fitness.

PLUS - after each weekly training run/walk, we will have a whole group strength class which will include agility, speed, core work, and stretching!                        

Starts: Saturday, February 21st, 9am - at Walter Wims Elementary; 12520 Blue Sky Drive, Clarksburg, MD (park in the side parking lot close to the open fields)

Ends: Saturday, April 18th at the Clarksburg 5K (

Special Program Fee for St. Anne’s members: $30 (does not include race entry fee) - the price for the Public is $60    (cash or check)                

*In order to provide the personal attention each participant needs, this program is limited to 15 people.



Email: Cell: 240-793-3982


Ashes-To-Go - Canceled for Wind Chill

Imagine: It’s an ordinary weekday, and in the middle of your daily tasks, you stumble into a moment of prayer.  The street corner, the coffee shop, or some other ordinary place is suddenly a place where God has come to meet you.  The church has come out from behind the comfortable pews and doors to be in the places where the rubber meets the road.  It’s Ash Wednesday, and you’re invited to wear your ashes, to claim repentance, grace and deepen your relationship with God for the challenges of your daily life.

St. Anne's will be offering Ashes to the local community on Main Street in Damascus and at other locations in Damascus from 8:30am - Noon on Ash Wednesday, Feb 18th.

Way Better than the Ice-Bucket Challenge! -Wayne Stevens

I kept thinking about the Wiseman's Challenge that Fr. Lee had given us during the Christmas/Epiphany Season - and then a week ago, while I was getting my oil changed, I was talking to the guy who was changing my oil. In the conversation he had said that he needed new power steering fluid for his car - but couldn't afford it right now. Over the course of the conversation he admitted he was living pretty much hand to mouth - he was working but, but the pay wasn't great and after he paid rent he had about $50 left a week for gas and food. I listened and something inside of me told me to help this guy out. After he was done with the oil change, I tipped him and left. I went and bought 5 bags full of food for him and then went back and delivered it. The look on his face was priceless! He could not believe that someone would do something like that - just because....I say this was way better than that "ice-bucket" challenge that went around - because this created a connection - and I was able to see Christ in that young guy.

The Wiseman's Challenge asks each of us to give back the Gift of Love that God has given us, by going out of our way to give back to others.

Advent Day of Service

From the earliest evidence we have that describes what the celebration of the Eucharist looked like in the early Church through every century in the Church’s history to the present, the underlying dynamic has always been the same: Christians gather to celebrate the Eucharist and are then sent forth to live what they have celebrated. Our participation in the Eucharist is not meant to just be one of nourishment for ourselves, but is intended to empower us to go out into the world as the Body of Christ - the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ to a world that is in desperate need, acting as Christ to others.

On Sunday, December 14th the Third Sunday of Advent, traditionally the Sunday of Joy, we will practice “Living The Eucharist” in our worship as we make bagged lunches for the Men’s Shelter in Rockville, bringing a little bit of joy to those without. It is our hope that as we “Live the Eucharist” together in community, that it will serve as a reminder of just what this season is about - the Coming of Christ into the world, and how we as people of faith can continue to bring Christ into the lives of others. After the service we will come together for a simple meal of homemade soup and bread. See you on the 14th as we Live the Eucharist!

Christmas Outreach

This year, St. Anne’s will be providing coats to over 15 kids who live in Foster Care. Many of these children, because of their age and because most resources go towards those in group homes, get “left out” at Christmas time! This is the first year that we have extended our outreach to these kids. Thanks to all who signed up to purchase a coat!

Our community will also be “adopting” several families for the Christmas Season. As part of our outreach to these families, who may not otherwise have a joyous Christmas, we will be providing gifts, food and a holiday dinner! There is a sign up sheet in the narthex where you can sign up to help provide food and gifts. If you take a gift card, make sure to sign up on the board as well, so we know who is bringing what. Remember - the best and most assured way to experience Christ in your life, is by being Christ to someone in need. Help us to make sure these families get to have a Merry Christmas!

Each year the Outreach Ministry chooses local charities to send our Christmas Eve Loose Plate offering to. This year they have chosen two local charities, Damascus Help and the Woodworking For Children’s Charity. Woodworkers for Children Charity is dedicated to aiding needy children in the Washington metropolitan area. It runs two programs to achieve its goal. The first program is to craft wooden toys which are donated to organization helping at-risk children.The second program, called “Reading is Terrific”, is a literacy program run for first graders at Title I elementary schools. The vast majority of the students in these schools are minority, low-income, special ed., and English Students of Other Languages. Damascus Help provides assistance to needy persons and families in the upper portion of Montgomery County, MD and adjacent areas in the form of emergency food, holiday food baskets and gifts, transportation, furniture and emergency financial assistance. Please, be generous in your extra offerings for these two worthwhile charities which make such a difference in the lives of people in our local community!

For more information on either of these charities, please visit their websites.

Woodworkers for Children

Damascus Help