Vestry Notes, Vestry Meeting June 16, 2015

I'm so EXCITED!  Considering numbers from last year at this time, attendance is up and the overall feeling among members old and new is that people are excited about being part of the St. Anne's community.

Someone's trash is someone's treasure: The Yard Sale has made $1453 thus far with more revenue coming from items listed on eBay that didn't sell during the day of the sale.  Thank you to Karen Mullen and the NUMEROUS women and men who helped out (we don't have all the names of those that helped) for all of their hard work!

Grazin' In the Grass is a Blast Baby Can You Dig It? Many thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to beautify the grounds during the Saturday work day organized by Geri Drymalski.  She will be organizing another day toward the end of Summer-hopefully the weather will be cooler.    

Please don't say goodbye (to your pledge) for the Summer: We are significantly behind on pledges over the last 3 weeks.  Remember that you don't have to physically put your check in the plate, it is very easy to set up bill pay at your financial institution (where often there is no fee) or through the St. Anne's website via Pay Pal (where there is a small fee.)  We continue to operate under a deficit so please do your part!

It's a hard knock life: No, not that Miss Flanagan!  We are blessed to have The Rev. Carol Cole Flanagan, retired rector from St. John's, Olney as our supply priest on June 28th while Fr. Lee is away.

Can you hear me now?  We now have Fios wireless in the building!  Right now it is limited to Fr. Lee's office but Reed Owens, Bill Mathews, and Steve Mullen are working to get capability through out the entire church building.

You will have fun, FORE sure!  There is still time to sign up your foursome for the St. Anne's Open and to get sponsors!  This is the time to approach those businesses that you frequent maybe only in the Summer.  You will be amazed how easy it is to get a donation-JUST ASK!

Movin' Up and/or Out: Congratulations to our graduating seniors: Nathan Delaplaine (Montgomery College), Calvin Forte(University of MD Eastern Shore), Brian LaRosa (Montgomery College), Tessa More (Ithaca College) and Nicole Owens (McDaniel College.)  Many thanks to the members of St. Clair's Guild for the beautiful afghan blankets that each senior received festooned with their high school colors!

Vestry Notes, Vestry Meeting, May 19, 2015

More of you to love: Church attendance at St. Anne's is up 5.37% over last year!

Relay for Life update: Thank you to all who helped us raise more than $5,000 and to those who manned the St. Anne's tent, walked in prayer, and attended the St. Anne's service on Saturday night.  Plans are already in the works for a bigger and better 2016 event!  Word has gotten out about our involvement in Clarksburg and Damascus has requested our attendance at their event next year.  This will depend on interest/energy/ staffing from St. Anne's members so we'll see...

Summer in the city: Fr. Lee plans on keeping both services (8am and 10am) throughout the Summer along with the music program.  

"You like me, you really like me":  Andy Irwin, storyteller that is.  His concert was a phenomenal success and the email list specifically for concerts continues to grow.  

On Solid Ground: A big thank you to Don Espeland for his selfless work heading up the grounds ministry!  Thank you to Geri Drymalski and Frank Ierardi for lending their vision and labor to this as Don steps down.

Debbie Downer Time: We continue to operate under a deficit and Steve Mullen has been very creative with managing bills.  Things we can all do: Keep current on your pledge, when buying on Amazon please use the link on the St. Anne's website, and remember there is a $40 suggested donation when signing up for the altar flowers.  THANKS

St. Anne's Scholarship: The issue of paying for Continuing Education has been in the national dialogue in recent years and student loan debt is at crisis status.  With that in mind, Christina More has proposed that a $1,000 annual scholarship be created to be awarded to a high school senior beginning in 2016.  The seed money is coming from the defunct SAY workcamp which was composed of money from various fundraisers from 2-3 years ago.  She has formed a committee that will be setting requirements for candidates to be considered.  Church membership, regular attendance at Sunday services and events, and involvement in church groups will be emphasized.  If you have questions or would like to contribute to the scholarship, please contact Christina 301-642-1610 and/or submit your donation with "St. Anne's Scholarship" in the memo line of your check.  Thank you.

Kids in the Hall: We had Hoped that The Children's Center was going to rent our parish hall over the summer, which would have earned us $7200 to our bottom line. However, when our Senior Warden sent the lease agreement for a signature, they had to pull out. It appears that the person who runs their summer program has a health condition that requires her to be in air conditioned space. Thanks to Mark for his hard work, and maybe this is another reason we need to look at renovating our hall.

We're in Good Hands: Frank Ierardi has been looking into a new insurance policy for the church that would save us money.  Fr. Lee has identified a commercial realtor (one of St. Anne's Golf Tournament sponsors, no less) who will be donating the cost of an appraisal for the building and property.

They Have Our Back: The Diocesan Standing Committee has approved moving forward on this potential Mission First Housing project.  Both this committee and the church committee are receiving legal counsel as far as liability.  The Diocese's priority is in protecting the church and itself.  It is Fr. Lee and the church committee's hope that a letter of intent sign off will be accomplished by the end of the Summer.

Pump Up the Jams: Thank you to Rachel K, church organist extraordinaire, for going above and beyond her pay grade: extra practices for choir, bell choir, and everything else (just ask a choir member.)  

Dirty Jobs: The refrigerator in the SAY/All purpose room has died along with its contents.  A BIG thank you goes to Jessica "I've cleaned up worse messes I the Army" Cole along with Karen Mullen and Mike Low for cleaning up the mess and moving the frig out of the building.

Long Live The King: Our own Brian LaRosa was elected Prom King at Damascus High School Prom!

Reminders: Yard Sale May 30th, Blessing of the Vines at Sugarloaf Winery June 7,  Graduation Sunday June 14, St. Anne's Golf Open July 13.

Vestry Notes, Vestry Meeting April 21, 2015

A very holy Holy Week: Fr. Lee reported that it was a very emotionally moving Holy Week for him as well as many others as evidenced by the numerous comments both in person and via emails that he received.  He so appreciates feedback so if you like something, say something!

Put your presence where your money is:  Fr. Lee noted that we need to move away from a congregation who just writes a check (although financial support is always welcome) and toward one who gets physically involved in church efforts.  He specifically mentioned the upcoming Relay For Life.  We need to keep the momentum going for this event.  Get some friends together and sign up!  Not only is it a good cause, but you will be helping to get the word out about our St. Anne's community of faith. 

We need to hear you: Thoughtfully consider what you see in the future for St. Anne's.  Upgraded social hall?  Outdoor picnic area?  Ministry for single people?  The sky and your imagination are the limit.  Report your ideas to any vestry member. 

Housing for the elderly project: There will be a June 29th meeting at 6pm Mission First Meeting with Fr. Lee, Mike Low, and Cathy Conroy to receive the estimated proforma. Bob Harris has been selected as St. Anne’s legal representative as required by the Diocese.    

The sky is no longer falling: The roof repair is almost fixed.  There is a small leak which  is scheduled to be repaired.

St. Anne's social hall will have a tenant for the Summer: The Children’s Center, which normally rents space from an area elementary school, has contracted to use the social hall from June 8-August 29, 2015 for their program for middle schoolers.  They will make other plans for the week of St. Anne's VBS and will be flexible for any other events that might take place during that time frame. This rental will not impact other activities that occur in the social hall.

The more the merrier: Fr. Lee said that Vikki Clayton, chaplain in residence for Frederick  Memorial Hospital has asked to be affiliated with St. Anne’s in a ministerial capacity.  She will be co-celebrant of the April 26th services with Fr. Lee.  He will also be evaluating her preaching style.  She will possibly be covering for Fr. Lee while he is on vacation from June 23-July 2.  This depends on if Fr. Lee and the congregation likes her  and also on her schedule with Frederick Memorial  Hospital.

"Fore" your information:  St. Anne's Golf Tournament is Monday, July 13th so, while there is enough time to learn how to play golf, there is not much time to sign up sponsors, get foursomes together, and help get auction items, prizes, and goodie bag items.  Please let Christina More know if you have a prize for women's closest to the pin contest, women's longest drive contest, men's closest to the pin contest, and men's longest drive contest.  Prizes in the past have included: sunglasses, spa certificate, restaurant certificate, toiletry gift basket, golf accessories gift basket, and golf bag.

Vestry Notes for March 17, 2015

The Vestry met on Tuesday, March 17th and here is a summary:

Snow, Ice, Polar Vortex!  We hope that we can close the chapter on the 2014/1015 Winter.  We all know that the brutal weather impacted attendance at church-it's hard to attend when church is cancelled afterall!  The plate collection was down for a few weeks but rebounded nicely on March 15th as there was heavy attendance-the Mores had to sit in the back row!  Fr. Lee said that many of you are giving via the link on the website to keep current on your pledges even when you can't attend services-WAY TO GO! However, we are still operating with a budget deficit, so if you have not made an estimate of giving, please prayerfully consider how you can support St. Anne's.

Friction Farm performed as part of our concert series.  This talented duo entertained many church members, friends, and community residents with their take on modern folk music.  We'd like to see more of you!  Next up: nationally acclaimed storyteller Andy Offut Irwin on Sunday, April 26th at 4:30pm!  Imagine a southern Robin Williams...You get the idea-now get your tickets!!

The Mission First project is just about to get its blessing from the Diocese as we are in the process of securing an attorney who will offer his services at a greatly reduced rate.  This was a requirement from the Diocese in order to move forward on the project.  Fr. Lee has several candidates under consideration.

The sky is not falling.  Thanks to good weather, the roof repairs have been completed.  The drywall repairs and mold prevention will be tackled after Easter and our insurance will cover the cost.

Coffee Talk  Chat up your friendly vestry members (Janet Ceasar, Christina More, Andy Barlow, Charlotte King, Elaine Espeland, Pam Brewer, Frank Ierardi, Mark Ludwig, Kristie Taylor, Bettianne Quinn, Steve Mullen, Tom Warfield) at coffee hour and give us ideas of how, what, where you see St. Anne's growing.  A new ministry you'd like to see?  An addition to the grounds? Ideas to obliterate the debt?  Let's talk!  Did I mention we're friendly?

Relay For Life in Clarksburg-Saturday, May 16  It's all hands on deck for this event to be held on a beautiful WARM Spring day in May.  St. Anne's will launch it's maiden voyage of our new tent at this event.  We will offer prayers, support, and the Eucharist during this all day and night event.  Block out a period of time on your calendar NOW.  The evening Eucharist service will take place after the lighting of the luminaries.  It is not to be missed.   There will be one church service the next day, Sunday, May 17 at 10am. 

Where have all the flowers gone?  On the south hillside as a meadow expansion project will be in the works thanks to the new Conservation Ministry headed up by Geri Drymalski!  It will be filled with native flowers, grasses, and Monarch butterflies as we embark on a mission of stewardship for the grounds surrounding the church.  Itching to get your hands dirty after this long, cold Winter?  Contact Geri at

Do you see what I see?  The vestry continues to move forward on visioning and planning for St. Anne's.  We will be getting quotes and ideas for sealcoating the driveway, modernizing the social hall and kitchen, and reconfiguring the narthex area to be more welcoming to members, newcomers, and visitors.

Get thee to the driving range!  St. Anne's Open Golf Tournament is coming Monday, July 13!  Ask for that day off NOW as you will want to be joining us for good friends, good food, good golf, and good times!  Now is also the time to secure sponsors for the tournament.  Ask Marty( ) or Christina More(  for more information!

Know Your Vestry - a vestry?

As we continue to vision for our future as a parish - it is important to share your ideas with the Vestry! For those that don’t know, the Vestry is the governing body of our church and members are elected at our annual meeting. The Vestry is responsible for helping the rector create the vision for our church and helping to implement that vision as well as the being responsible for the “business” of the church. The Vestry meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 and anyone is welcome to attend! In addition, minutes of the Vestry Meeting are kept in a binder in the church office and are available at all times for anyone in the congregation to read.

Your Vestry Members currently are:

Tim Pacey (Senior Warden), Frank Ierardi (Junior Warden), Steve Mullen (Treasurer), Mark Ludwig (Secretary of Vestry), Reed Owens, Elaine Espeland, Tom Warfield, Christina More, Charlotte King, Kristi Taylor, and Janet Caesar.

Visioning For Our Future

  • We could develop some of our land and provide affordable housing and perhaps an adult daycare to part of the local population who is at risk and at the same time reduce our mortgage and generate income for increased ministry?

  • We had a professional kitchen to make meals and serve the hungry right here at St. Anne’s?

  • We had a mobile soup kitchen taking food, blankets and other necessities to people who could not get to St. Anne’s?

  • We converted the Walker House back into transitional housing to help women or families at the risk of homelessness and also provide services to help them turn their lives around by becoming self-sufficient?

  • We could repair and enhance our organ and expand our music program to attract even more people to our community?

  • We renovated our classrooms and parish hall, putting in air conditioning and making the space useable year round for community rentals?

  • We became a better witness as stewards of the Earth, reducing our carbon footprint by installing LED lighting and/or solar panels?

  • We could create a fund to offer grants to local charities that match our mission?

  • We could build an outdoor garden/pavilion and host community events?

All wonderful ideas, a beautiful dream, pie in the sky, right?   NO!  It is the beginning of a long term vision to help us grow our community into spiritual adulthood and to continue to grow the Body of Christ here in this place! Ask your vestry about it!