Know Your Vestry - a vestry?

As we continue to vision for our future as a parish - it is important to share your ideas with the Vestry! For those that don’t know, the Vestry is the governing body of our church and members are elected at our annual meeting. The Vestry is responsible for helping the rector create the vision for our church and helping to implement that vision as well as the being responsible for the “business” of the church. The Vestry meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 and anyone is welcome to attend! In addition, minutes of the Vestry Meeting are kept in a binder in the church office and are available at all times for anyone in the congregation to read.

Your Vestry Members currently are:

Tim Pacey (Senior Warden), Frank Ierardi (Junior Warden), Steve Mullen (Treasurer), Mark Ludwig (Secretary of Vestry), Reed Owens, Elaine Espeland, Tom Warfield, Christina More, Charlotte King, Kristi Taylor, and Janet Caesar.

Visioning For Our Future

  • We could develop some of our land and provide affordable housing and perhaps an adult daycare to part of the local population who is at risk and at the same time reduce our mortgage and generate income for increased ministry?

  • We had a professional kitchen to make meals and serve the hungry right here at St. Anne’s?

  • We had a mobile soup kitchen taking food, blankets and other necessities to people who could not get to St. Anne’s?

  • We converted the Walker House back into transitional housing to help women or families at the risk of homelessness and also provide services to help them turn their lives around by becoming self-sufficient?

  • We could repair and enhance our organ and expand our music program to attract even more people to our community?

  • We renovated our classrooms and parish hall, putting in air conditioning and making the space useable year round for community rentals?

  • We became a better witness as stewards of the Earth, reducing our carbon footprint by installing LED lighting and/or solar panels?

  • We could create a fund to offer grants to local charities that match our mission?

  • We could build an outdoor garden/pavilion and host community events?

All wonderful ideas, a beautiful dream, pie in the sky, right?   NO!  It is the beginning of a long term vision to help us grow our community into spiritual adulthood and to continue to grow the Body of Christ here in this place! Ask your vestry about it!