How Have You Been Transformed as Part of the St. Anne's Community?

Like most of us, I have many roles -- friend, wife, daughter, scientist, manager, boss, activist, volunteer, neighbor, colleague….. These different roles draw on different parts of me, and sometimes I feel fractured.  I don’t always know who the whole me is, I only know the part that is required for the role I’m trying to play at the moment.  This is painful.  Being a part of the St. Anne’s community helps me feel how all the different parts of me fit together and how they fit into God’s plan.  I don’t understand idea how I fit together, or what the plan is, but I feel a current of connection and peace, with myself, with the world and with God that flows directly out of my participation in our community.  Whether it’s contributing to worship through music, enjoying fellowship at one of our many wonderful events, working quietly by myself as part of the altar guild, working on a project for St. Claire’s, sharing greetings in during the peace, working with the vestry, crying with someone through their pain, or laughing in celebration, these many small things are precious to me and add up to a large and important whole.

Kristi Taylor