Way Better than the Ice-Bucket Challenge! -Wayne Stevens

I kept thinking about the Wiseman's Challenge that Fr. Lee had given us during the Christmas/Epiphany Season - and then a week ago, while I was getting my oil changed, I was talking to the guy who was changing my oil. In the conversation he had said that he needed new power steering fluid for his car - but couldn't afford it right now. Over the course of the conversation he admitted he was living pretty much hand to mouth - he was working but, but the pay wasn't great and after he paid rent he had about $50 left a week for gas and food. I listened and something inside of me told me to help this guy out. After he was done with the oil change, I tipped him and left. I went and bought 5 bags full of food for him and then went back and delivered it. The look on his face was priceless! He could not believe that someone would do something like that - just because....I say this was way better than that "ice-bucket" challenge that went around - because this created a connection - and I was able to see Christ in that young guy.

The Wiseman's Challenge asks each of us to give back the Gift of Love that God has given us, by going out of our way to give back to others.