St. Anne's Nursery

St. Anne's is excited to once again offer nursery care during the 10am worship! We strive to make our Nursery a safe, clean and fun-loving place for your child while you worship and participate in the life of St. Anne's. Please keep this in mind as you read the following policies:
The nursery is available during Sunday worship for children, up to age three, from 9:30am until Noon.
When you bring your child to the Nursery you must provide a bag containing the following:

  • A small snack with drink*
  • Diaper changing items
  • A change of clothes with socks
  • Any comfort item your child might need

**The Nursery will not  provide a snack for your child in the event that you did not send one.**
If your child is sick, DO NOT bring them to the Nursery. This includes your child having more than one loose stool in one hour, vomiting, fever, lethargy, or extreme/unusual irritability. Severe coughing or severe runny nose also constitutes your child as sick.

*Should your child become sick while in the care of the Nursery, a staff member will contact you via your preferred method.
Nursery staff members do not administer medication of any kind, except parent provided diapering ointment upon request.
When dropping off your child, a clean break is best. If your child is crying or upset when you drop them off, tell then you love them and you will be back, and then exit the Nursery area. If your child is upset/crying for more than 15 minutes we will contact you.
The nursery is available for on-site church worship services ONLY. If the parent needs to leave the church grounds, they must pick up their child first and that child is to leave with the parent.
Each time your child stays in the Nursery you are required to sign the child in and out of the nursery through the Nursery logbook.
The first time you bring your child you will be required to fill out a registration sheet.. 
Please make sure the person picking-up the child is the same person who dropped the child off. If their will be a different person picking the child up, please let a Nursery staff member know in advance.
When you return to the Nursery to sign-out your child, record the time the child was picked-up and initial in the appropriate box in the logbook.
Bathroom Use
Diapers will be checked regularly while your child is in the Nursery. After your child’s diaper is changed, staff members will wash their hands.
If your child is potty training and you would like your child to use the child-sized toilet, please let a Nursery staff member know of your request.
For both child protective and sanitation reasons, staff members are not permitted to wipe a potty-trained child of any age.