Interfaith Neighbors Refugee Assistance

St. Anne’s is working with Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors (MCIRRN) to assist our New Neighbors – refugees who have been resettled in Montgomery County. 

In October 2015, St. Anne’s started collaborating with the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM) and other faith communities to answer the call we all felt to respond to the urgent needs of refugees in our community. Currently, MCIRRN consists of about 11 Muslim groups, 7 Christian groups, and 2 Jewish synagogues. MCIRRN is working closely with Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and is initiating a relationship with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.

Currently, MCIRRN is blessed to work with 13 families from 5 different countries (Syria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Cuba).  We strive to be real neighbors to them.  In addition to our work with MCIRRN, St. Anne’s is collaborating with the Dayspring Retreat Center to help support a family who lives on the Dayspring property. This family spent 13 years in a refugee camp, growing to became a family of ten people spanning four generations.  They have been in the United States for a year. St. Anne's is proud to be able to be true neighbors to this Muslim family.

For more information about the work St. Anne’s is doing in MCIRRN, please contact Pam Brewer at  For information about MCIRRN contact Shahnaz Baten (MCIRRN Co-Founder & Case Manager) at

MCIRRN's mission statement is below.

Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors

Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors (MCIRRN) organization is dedicated to assisting refugee agencies in settling refugees in Montgomery County in safe, stable and affordable housing.  It works by supporting families and individuals in becoming productive self-sufficient members of our community, advocating for needed services and networking to locate resources for long term as well as immediate needs.